Bien bien meaning? (2023)

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How do you respond to bien?

What is the response to muy bien? If you feel alright, you say estoy bien; you could also say, estoy muy bien, to give more emphasis, which means “very good” or “very well.” You can also add one extra word, gracias, meaning “thanks”, and estoy bien, gracias; it means “I'm fine, thank you.” 2.

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What does Bien mean bien?

Bien and Bon are two very small, but very common French words. Basically: Bien = Well. Bon = Good.

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How to respond to ca va bien?

As with English, French people tend to reply to Ça va? with a positive response – Bien, or Bien, merci – much the same way as we would use fine in English. The following responses are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but general enough for a good friend, too: Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you.

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How do you respond to Tres bien?

What is this? To answer any question asking how you're doing, you can also answer by simply saying, “Très bien !”. You can also respond, “Je vais très bien, merci”, which translates to “I am doing very well, thank you”. Equally, you can respond, “Ça va très bien, merci”, which means “I am very well, thank you”.

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How do you reply to Bien merci?

The usual response to merci is de rien (You're welcome – literally, It's nothing) or il n'y a pas de quoi. In a more formal context, you could say Je vous en prie or Je t'en prie.

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How do you respond to a compliment in Spanish?

So here are some tips on how to reply when you get a compliment in Spanish.
  1. Gracias, eres muy amable. “Thanks, you are very kind.”
  2. Gracias por el cumplido. “Thanks for the compliment.”
May 28, 2020

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Does Bien mean good or OK?

The Spanish word bien (bee-ehn) means 'fine' and it also means 'well'. Conversely, the word bueno (BWEH-noh) means 'good'. From these basic differences in the meaning of each word, you can already see two uses of these words. You use bien to answer when someone asks you how you are doing.

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What does bein mean?

(Now chiefly dialectal) Well provided; comfortable; cosy.

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What type of word is bien?

Bien is an adverb, so it will be referred to the verb, the action, of the sentence. So, as an adverb, the word “bien” won't appear close to a noun but close to a verb and it will answer the question “How…?”. Look at the examples: – No he dormido bien.

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How do I respond in French?

The go-to response to “how are you?” in French is bien, merci ! (“good, thanks”). It's polite and keeps the conversation rolling. You can even give it a little more oompf by adding très to the front to say très bien, merci or “very well, thanks.”

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Can you respond to ca va with oui?

If someone says Ca va?, you can answer oui (yes) or simply et toi? (And you?). It might sound rude (hey, it might even be rude), but people do it all the time.

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What to say to bonjour ca va?

So to say “hello, how are you?” in French, simply say bonjour, ça va? or salut, ça va? If someone says this to you, you can respond with ça va bien (“it's going well”) or tout va bien (“everything's going well”).

Bien bien meaning? (2023)
How do you respond to yes in French?

A simple “Oui” is the most standard, basic, and neutral affirmative reply in French.

How do you respond to Bien Et toi?

include, “Très bien, et vous ?” or in a more casual setting, “Ça va bien, et toi ?” But you can also respond with a simple “ça va,” which means you're doing fine.

How are you responses in French?

Bien, Merci !

This is the most common response to “how are you” in French, regardless of the question. It literally means “good, thank you” - and can be used in formal and casual settings. So whether someone asked Comment allez-vous ? or Ça va ?, you can answer with bien, merci.

How to respond thank you?

8 Responses to “Thank You” That Mean (Even) More Than “You're Welcome”
  1. “Happy to!” Delighting someone else is one of the great pleasures of being human. ...
  2. “It was my pleasure.” ...
  3. “I'm so glad you liked it!” ...
  4. “I'm so glad it was helpful!” ...
  5. “Of course!” ...
  6. “It's an honor!” ...
  7. “Any time!” ...
  8. “You're most welcome.”
Dec 10, 2022

What is the proper response to thank you?

"You're welcome.", "My pleasure.", "No problem." or "No worries." The first two are more formal and the last two are more informal. I hope this helps.

What does ca va bien mean?

Ça va bien. It's going well. I'm doing well.

How do you respond to flirting in Spanish?

How to Respond to Flirting in Spanish
  1. Gracias – “Thank you”
  2. Tu también – “You too”
  3. No eres tan mal tú mismo/a. – “You're not too bad yourself.”
  4. Me halagas. – “You flatter me.”
  5. Me gustaría salir contigo también. – “I would like to go out with you too.”

How to tell a girl shes perfect in Spanish?

  1. Hermosa / Hermoso – Beautiful. A common way to say “You are beautiful” in Spanish. ...
  2. Bella / Bello – Pretty. ...
  3. Bonita / Bonito – Pretty or Nice. ...
  4. Preciosa / Precioso – Gorgeous or Precious. ...
  5. Guapa / Guapo – Handsome. ...
  6. Linda / Lindo – Lovely. ...
  7. Adorable – Adorable. ...
  8. Atractivo / Atractiva – Attractive.
Sep 2, 2022

What is mucho gusto a response to?

Mucho Gusto

This phrase means “nice to meet you.” It is obviously used when you're meeting someone for the first time. It can be used in the beginning and the end of the conversation.

Do Spanish say OK?

(= I agree) ¡vale! OK, OK! ¡vale, vale! ⧫ ¡ya, ya!

How do you say bien?

In French, the word bien is pronounced /bjɛ̃/.
In details:
  1. /b/ sound: Your lips are closed and placed against one another. ...
  2. /j/ sound: The tongue is slightly more forward. ...
  3. /ɛ̃/ sound: The mouth is slightly open and stretched horizontally, the tip of the tongue touches the front lower teeth.
Jun 5, 2021

Does tres bien mean very good?

Très bien ! : Good! Very good!

What does bein mean in text?

(biːn ) adjective. mainly dialect. comfortable; well-off.

What is Bien Amor?

bien mi amor – Dictionary and online translation between English and over 90 other languages. Spanish. English. bien mi amor. well my love.

What does yes mean in Mexico?

¡Sí! (Yes) The Spanish word for 'yes' is 'sí. '

What is the meaning of Buien?

buien, de ~ short storms, the ~ Noun. showers, the ~ Noun.

Where does the word bien come from?

From Old Spanish from Latin bene (“well”), from Latin bonus (“good”).

What are 3 greetings in French?

The most important French greetings include bonjour (hello), enchanté(e) (nice to meet you), bonsoir (good evening/hello), salut (hi), coucou (hey), Ça fait longtemps, dis donc (long time no see), Âllo (hello), Ça va? (how are you?), tu vas bien? (have you been well?), quoi de neuf? (what's up?), au revoir!

What do you reply to Sorry in French?

Example from everyday spoken French: “Allez, c'est pas si grave.” (=“Alright, that wasn't so bad.”) You can also answer (Ne) t'en fais pas, “don't worry about it.” And for “vous” (stranger) instead of “tu” (friend), we say “(Ne) vous en faites pas.” You can also acknowledge the wrong, but give excuses.

Are you saying yes in French?

Yes in French is “oui”.

Why do French say Tak Tak Tak?

(The triplet “tak, tak, tak” is a sound French people make to emphasize accomplishing multiple tasks. It can also be used as onomatopoeia, literally voicing the sound of walking feet when giving walking directions to someone.) It sounds like the English word “tack.”

Why do French people say bah?

Bah can mean 'I know everything' or 'I know nothing', it all depends on the delivery and context. Say it quickly and you can sound dismissively confident. However, you can also say it quickly to sound genuinely surprised. It can also be stretched out to demonstrate just how sceptical and incredulous you are.

How do you respond to Bonsoir?

Explanation: When someone greets you bonsoir, you can reply using bonsoir simply. DRAFT. Je vais bien.

What does Ca ne va pas du tout?

ça (ne) va pas du tout : things aren't going well at all; that's no good at allaller, présent.

Should I say bonjour or salut?

Just as in English, there are several ways to say hello in French. You can simply use the informal salut (hi) on its own. You can also use bonjour (good morning or good afternoon) or bonsoir (good evening). You would only use bonne nuit (good night) at bedtime.

How do you use bien?

Uses of bien
  1. To Say How You Feel. When you hear the common question, ¿cómo estás?, you will answer bien. ...
  2. Emphasize the Adjective in a Sentence. You can always add bien before an adjective and you'll make it sound stronger. ...
  3. Say That Something is Done Well. ...
  4. Say that Something Works Properly. ...
  5. Agree. ...
  6. Praise and Cheer.
Jan 10, 2021

Is Muy bien a greeting?

¡Muy bien!

It's just a common way of saying hello and expressing interest in another person.

What does ca va literally mean?

Ça va literally translates to “it goes,” but it is used in a variety of situations. The most common way you'll hear ça va is when it is used to ask someone how they're doing as a shortened version of comment ça va ?

Can I just say Buenas?

Fun fact: One curious detail is that buenos días, buenas tardes and buenas noches are formal ways to greet in Spanish, but when Spanish natives want to greet friends or family or neighbors in an informal way, they will just say “buenas” as an alternative to “hola.” You will hear this a lot if you pay attention - it's ...

How do Spanish greet each other?

The common verbal greeting is “Buenos dias” (Good day), “Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon) or “Buenas noches” (Good evening/night) depending on the time of day. People may also say “¿Como está?” (How are you). A more casual greeting is “Hola” (Hello).

Can Mucho Gusto mean you're welcome?

Con gusto or Con mucho gusto are other common ways to say "you're welcome" in Spanish. These phrases mean "with pleasure," and it's a great way to show that you're happy to help someone. You can say Con mucho gusto in a variety of different situations.


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